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Cookie and Privacy Policy

Personal data means information that can be used to identify a person. This can include first name, last name, home address, e-mail address, age, gender and similar contact information.

On this page you can read what information Agro Machines and SB-Flex store about you and who our partners are.

What information do we store?
In order to make an invoice and delivery to you, we store the following information; First name, last name, address, possibly delivery address, email address and telephone number. We store additional information about the extent to which you wish to be subscribed to our newsletter.

Information about which items you have purchased, how you have paid (online/credit) and the invoice are stored in min. 5 years according to the Accounting Act, so we have documentation for the purchase for Tax.

E-mails you have sent to Agro Machines and SB-Flex and that Agro Machines and SB-Flex have sent to you are stored min. 1 year, max. 3 years. This is done so that we can go back and see any complaints, offers and the like.

If you do not pay your invoice on time, we will save additional agreements regarding repayment. We do not store information about your private circumstances, e.g. whether you are unemployed, religious conditions or the like.

Data controller
If you wish to find out more about the information we store about you (access request) or to have information deleted, you can contact our data controller. However, we cannot delete information that we are obliged to store according to the Accounting Act.

The data controller at Agro Machines and SB-Flex is;
Anders Simonsen, Owner
Direct telephone number in case of questions: Tel. 29 61 27 55

To whom do we pass on the information (Agro Machines and SB-Flex business partners)

Agro Machines and SB-Flex do not pass on information, unless it is necessary to use functions in our computer programs or the like. Agro Machines and SB-Flex have Data Processing Agreements with all partners which ensure handling of data. Agro Machines and SB-Flex keep an internal record of our processing of data, as well as a record of which third-party companies have access to data and when they have had access, e.g. if we get support for our computer systems from outside.

Internal Departments | All employees at Agro Machines and SB-Flex have access to e-mails and the accounting system

Forwarders | Your email, phone number, first and last name and delivery address are given to the shipping company that delivers your package/pallet (GLS / PostNord / DHL). The freight company saves the receipt for the delivery in min. 12 months. The freight company may use your email address and/or phone number to contact you about the delivery. This can be in the form of them sending you a message when the package is ready for collection in a parcel shop. They can also call you if you were not at home when the driver arrived at your address to arrange a new delivery time.

Shipmondo | We use the program Shipmondo to handle our waybills and communication to and from the above-mentioned shipping companies. Shipmondo’s support department has access to the same information as the forwarders, in the event of a breakdown of the program, update or similar.

Google | To improve our website, we use Google analytics. In Google analytics, statistics are stored in summarized form around e.g. how many have visited our website, their location, how many/which items you have bought, which pages on the website have the most visitors and the like. Google Analytics has access to your IP address.

Facebook | We use re-marketing advertising via Facebook using your email address. This means that we show an advertisement on Facebook approx. 2 weeks and 4 months after your visit to our website. In addition, we occasionally make announcements on Facebook. Here we choose via facebook manager which target group the ad should hit.

Instagram | We occasionally make announcements on Instagram via facebook manager. Here we choose via facebook manager which target group the ad should hit.

Manufacturers | If you want to have packaging printed with e.g. your logo or your address, the information is given to the supplier who will print the job for us. In some cases, the goods are sent directly to your address after printing, rather than being sent to Agro Machines and SB-Flex first, in which case Agro Machines and SB-Flex provide your company name, contact person’s first and last name and delivery address to the manufacturer.