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About us

Development of agricultural products
in collaboration with end users

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SB Flex is a 100% Danish-owned company based in Haderslev. We specialize in the development of products in close collaboration with our end users to ensure the best possible solution. Our goal is to create products that combine functionality, quality and user experience to meet all needs in the agricultural industry.


SB Flex was founded based on an observation of the lack of simple and effective marking of hose cables and wires in the agricultural sector in Denmark, the USA, Romania and Russia. This inspired the idea of simplifying the overview of tools and machines’ interconnection. Behind the company is Anders Simonsen, who is always available for questions or comments via telephone or e-mail.

About Anders

Anders Simonsen, born and raised in agriculture. Trained agricultural machine mechanic and agricultural economist from Vejlby Landbrugsskole in Denmark. Throughout my employment in agriculture in Denmark, the USA, Romania and in Russia, I have wondered about the lack of simple and straightforward labeling of hose cables and wires. That gave rise to the idea of SB Flex.

You are always welcome to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions or comments.

Contact us

Your security – all the way!

SB-Flex offers hydraulic hose labeling for identification and organization when connecting hydraulic hoses to tractors and implements. Do you also mix up the wires when it’s really urgent? Our products simplify assembly so that your colleague and yourself can assemble the machines the same way every time.

All our products are developed in close collaboration with end users to ensure maximum functionality and quality.

With SpiralFlex, you get the option of marking your hydraulic hoses with 9 different colours, robust and resistant to oil, grease and dirt. Safe and simple. No tools for assembly.

Our hydraulic hose marking systems are designed to simplify and improve your workflow. With a focus on quality, safety and ease of use, SB Flex has established itself as a reliable partner for farmers, machine stations, contractors and municipal engineering.