Tool Mounts for Milwaukee M18 cordless tools keep your tools organised
and right where you need them. Tools are held securely using our Snap-Fit system, simply
slide you tool onto the holder until you hear a click. Milwaukee
M18 Tool Mounts are made using extremely durable injection moulded ABS plastic with
countersunk screw holes to allow for secure mounting. Ideal for keeping track of you tools
and staying organised. They can be mounted at any distance from one another and in small
spaces for maximum workshop efficiency. Rated for use in your workshop and under
shelves. They can be used in tool trailers or in your work vehicles with due care. Easily
release your tool by pulling it off the mount. Available to match your colour coded
Milwaukee platform.

  • Tools lock into place securely perfect for workshops, tool trailers and work vehicles
  • Allows for maximum use of space in your work area.
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Made with strong injection moulded ABS plastic
  • Protect tools by keeping them up and out of the way
  • Saves precious workshop space!

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