SpiralFlex Hose identification in Blue / Red (+ / ÷ with numbers)

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Contains 2 SpiralFlex in Blue and Red with printed PLUS symbol and MINUS symbol.

You can choose between: +1 & -1 +2 & -2 +3 & -3 +4 & -4 +5 & -5 +6 & -6 & +7 & -7 & +8 & -8 & +9 & -9 & +10 & -10 and + & –


The SpiralFlex colors RED and BLUE, contain 2 marks with printed symbol and numbers.

In all sets there is one Red SpiralFlex which is printed with the PLUS symbol and one Blue with the MINUS symbol

You can choose between:
+1 & -1 +2 & -2 +3 & -3 +4 & -4 +5 & -5 +6 & -6 and + & –

SpiralFlex from SB-Flex is easy to install and can be reused again. Attach one end and loop-twist the spiral around the hose.
Each color with print PLUS and MINUS symbols has different lengths so they are easier to tell the difference.

Fits hoses from 1/4 inches and up, some 1/4 inch hoses can be fitted with a cable tie if the SpiralFlex slides down.

SPIRAL-Flex marking is available with 9 different color codes marked with signs, numbers and symbols for easy identification.

  • All colors are available with print + & – and are made with laser for easier indication the hoses or pipes.
  • SPIRAL marking can withstand temperatures from -50C to 100C degrees.
  • SPIRAL hose marking from SB-Flex is made of polyethylene. Color coding is done in the casting process so that it is the same unit so that it does not fade or crack.
  • The SPIRAL hose marking is very robust and is not affected by grease, oil or dirt; it can be cleaned with solvent or soap.
  • Easy to assemble, no tools required. Easy to change to suit the operator.
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Make it easy for you to identify your pipes and hydraulic hoses


Do you also mix up the wires when it's really urgent? Our products simplify assembly so that your colleague and yourself can assemble the machines the same way every time.


All our products are developed in close collaboration with end users to ensure maximum functionality and quality.


With SpiralFlex and ShrinkFlex, you get the option of marking your hydraulic hoses with 9 different colours, robust and resistant to oil, grease and dirt. Safe and simple. No tools for assembly.


Our hydraulic hose marking systems are designed to simplify and improve your workflow. With a focus on quality, safety and ease of use, SB Flex has established itself as a reliable partner for farmers, machine stations, contractors and municipal engineering.

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