Terms and Conditions

In general
At Agro Machines and SB-Flex we do not demand that you buy full pallets. In pictures on the website and catalogues, the colours can look a bit different as in reallity. We take reservations for sold out items, price changes and printing errors in the webpage.

How we treat your information
Your mailadress will be given to Trustpilot who will send you an email after your first purchase, asking if you would like to give us a review on the trustpilot webpage.

When ordering online the webpage can not give you the correct freight information due to the many different sizes of products we have. A roll of ribbon will be cheap to send, and the freight cost will also depend on where you live.

When we recieve your order we will send you an email with a proforma-invoice, that contains the total amount for products and the freight costs. All you have to do is answering the email, letting us know if you accept the freight costs or not. If you do not accept, we delete the order immediately.

If you do accept, we will send out the goods as soon as we have recieved your payment – The informations about the payment is included in the email. Parcels are shipped with GLS. But do to Europan regislations we are not allowed to sell the goods to your company without adding 25 % danish tax, if we do not have any evidence, that the goods has left the country. In countries that are not a memeber of the EU, there could be extra customs when recieving parcels from out of your country, that will not be payed by us.

Payment conditions
The invoice will be send to you by email (pdf) after the goods has been shipped. We do not send out any goods until payment has been recieved. You can also send us a copy of the payment-confirmation from your bank, if you want to save time. Normally payments from other countries out side of Denmark will take 4 days before we can see them in our bank account. Agro Machines and SB-Flex retains ownership of the goods until payment has been recieved.

Reklamation & returning products
If we have delivered the wrong items to you or if the goods has been damaged during transportation, we will arrange for pick-up of the wrong items, and send you the correct ones as soon as possible.

You will not be charged for any extra freight costs, if you are not to blame for the damage. If you can see that the goods has been damaged when you recieve it, please tell the freight company when they deliver, and they will take the goods back to us. If you regret that you have ordered or if you accidentally ordered the wrong items, you can return the goods within 14 workingdays after delivery.

Please call us or send us an email, telling us which items you are returning, so we can prepare for your creditnote to be made quickly. You have to pay for the freightcosts when you return, and we will only return the payment to you, if the goods are not damaged when we recieve them. Any customized products, e.g. wrapping paper with your logo printet on it, can not be returned. If you have ordered customized products the order is applicable from the moment you accept the order and approve the artwork.

Delivery will normally happen within 4 workingdays from the time we have shipped the goods. Some countries, that are not a member of the EU, can have an extra 4 days deliveytime due to customs. If we accidentally should run out of stock of the goods that you have ordered, we will inform you about the delivery date, before you transfer the payment. You are always welcome to call or write to us before ordering, if you want to make sure if the goods are on stock email info@sb-flex.com

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