SB-Flex hydraulic hose marking is used for identification and organization when connecting hydraulic hoses to tractors and implements. used by farmers, agriculture, contractors and municipal technology to help them in every day. SB-Flexs Heat shrink tube and SpiralFlex are made to make it easy for you.
SpiralFlex hydraulic hose marking, makes it easy to identify hydraulic hoses and connect them to equipment with hydraulic hoses. SpiralFlex can be used on any hydraulic hose or pipes, fits 1/4 “to 1-1 / 4” hose | diameter 15mm to 44mm

Heat shrink tube and SpiralFlex from SB-Flex fit all hoses 1/4 ” to 1 1/4″ | diameter 15mm to 44mm. SpiralFlex hydraulic hose marking, no tools must be used for mounting!

Heat shrink tube and SpiralFlex are simple hose identification systems. the color is part of the molding process so it does not fade overtime. Heat shrink tube and SpiralFlex are mostly used in agriculture, contractors and municipal engineering, but it can also be used on other equipment; cables, wires or pipes.

SB-Flex hydraulic hose marking makes it easy to connect equipment without frustration!

See how easy it is, right here!

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