Heat Shrink Tube, Hose identification

Marking that fits all  hydraulic hoses, cables and wires. From diameter 15mm to 40mm

SB-FLEX heat shrink tube makes it quick to get started.
Get same function every time, saves time and creates security.

ShrinkFlex Available in several colors with printed sign, numbers and symbols to show the function.

Heat Shrink Tube, Hose identification
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Know how is works, in the video
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Advantages of marking with heat shrinktube:

  • One size, fits all hoses from diameter Ø15mm to Ø40mm
  • Overview of hydraulic couplings
  • Print with sign, numbers and symbols
  • Save annoyances over incorrect pairings
  • Printed in black and white, contains high acid resistance
  • Streamlines time and creates safety and reduces incorrect installation

Don’t wasting time connecting your hydraulic hoses and cables incorrectly anymore. With heat shrink tube from SB-FLEX attached, can you see which hoses need to be attached to which port.

Heat-shrink tubing Makes life easier for you and your employees.

Wire marking, cable marking or hose marking.

SB-Flex Shrink Labels is the original and tested product which is delivered with a guarantee of durability.

Important: When mounting Heat-shrink tubing, it is important that the item you want to mark is clean and free of dirt. Use alcohol, turpentine or chlorine as degreasers. Use a heat gun or a powerful lighter. The Heat-shrink tubes shrinks 3: 1 with an even heat distribution. Does not contain adhesives or toxic chemicals. you can always apply heat again.